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As Jon Jones was regulating his hurdy gurdy back in 2001, he began toying with the idea of creating a mechanically-bowed instrument with a full-scale chromatic keyboard. He went on to build two ...

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Kromski and Sons Quality spinning wheels and looms for Fiber Artists. Kromski and Sons is a family business. Three generations of Kromskis have worked with wood and learned the craft of wood turning, a skill they have elevated to an art.Leon Kromski began a turning business in 1918 and operated it until 1939 when the impact of WWII and Communism made it impossible to continue.Part# 38533500 Flat and Seam Diamond Wheel for 1/8" to 1/4" Glass. Part# 38533500 Flat and Seam Diamond Wheel for 1/8" to 1/4" Glass. $420.00. Belt Sander Belts 4" x 106"- Grit 120. Belt Sander Belts 4" x 106"- Grit 120. $47.40. Part# 39223200 Main Brush Shield. Part# 39223200 Main Brush Shield. $54.03.

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The wheels make it easy to slide in and out + provide some padding. It has 2 fixed wheels on the bottom. The wheels on the top are inserted just before putting the harp into the vehicle. You can either lay the harp on it's back - insert 2 wheels, or stand the harp on it's end - insert just one wheel. The Auld Wheel. 1.00. A reel written by James Scott Skinner and arranged for harp by Ailie Robertson. Difficulty: Intermediate. Key: D major; no lever or pedal changes. Fingering Suggestions: Yes. Length: 1 page. Add To Cart. Share.

carm-zephyr-2 on December 1, 2012 at 10:49 am #68109. Yes Jillian. The only ones I am aware of are the Colorado case company. They do look good and velcro onto a harp trolley. They are exy but I imagine worth the investment especially if you intend on flying with your harp Good luck. Carmz.Lyra is a northern summer constellation, which is highest in the midnight sky in the months around June. It is best known for its brightest star, Vega, which forms one vertex of the Summer Triangle asterism.