How to get kendo grid column value in jquery

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Mar 03, 2014 · var grid = $("#grid").data("kendoGrid"); var tr = grid.dataSource.getByUid("your-row-uid"); var yourFieldValue = tr.yourFieldName; Even you can get value throught following steps: First : var grid = $("#grid").data("kendoGrid"); Second : var dataItem = grid.dataItem(; or. var dataItem = grid.dataItem($("tr")); or

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Kendo UI Grid Dynamic Columns (Arrays) - JSFiddle, Show dynamic columns in my kendo grid keeping one column fixed. public double ProductPrice { get; set; } The Product column may change according to location, so I need dynamic generation of columns in my Kendo This article tells about how to create a dynamic column binding in Kendo Grid, using ASP.NET WEB API Application.

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In both cases the grid is registered as a jquery plugin, now i am using Kendo User interface Grid from an empty div element. In this demo you can see how you can easily configure the grid to display your data and perform sorting, paging filtering, and grouping etc. operations via its built-in functionality.var yourdatasource = new{ data: speakers }); Now we will see how we could iterate each data of data source. We can do that by calling data() function on Kendo UI Data source. data() function is used to get and set data of the Kendo data source. So we can read data from data source as following.

I'm working on a HTML5 and JavaScript website. Is it possible to have a hidden column in Kendo UI Grid and access the value using JQuery?