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The Project Guitar tutorial has pictures that demonstrate how the first coat of sealer hardens the fabric, making it easy to trim around the edges of the body. After it's trimmed up, a few more coats of sealer will smooth out the seam at the edge of the fabric. Some light sanding along that interface makes it invisible.

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800 isn't particularly fine for this type of thing. When I'm looking for a shine with a spray paint finish, I go up to 1500 and sometimes finish off with 2500 (but then I actually enjoy sanding ). Going in different directions to your previous grit helps, too. Your check before moving up is the marks from the previous grit are gone.May 20, 2013 · Please come see me and my wares at the Holiday Bazaar at the College of the Holy Cross, Hogan Ballroom (gate 7) in Worcester on Friday, December 7th starting at 9am to 5pm. No admission fee. Plenty of parking in student lot. (This is a craft show that I shop at, too.) 11/18/2012. Finely Finished Designs's cover photo.

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We offer remodeling and handyman service in Ballwin, Chesterfield, St. Charles, Town and Country, Ellisville, Wildwood, Kirkwood, Glendale and most of the West St. Louis County, MO. Call us today at 314-807-6490.

Hey all, i know this has been hashed and rehashed, but I have had pretty much no luck scouring 2 days trying to find someone to do some (a) semi-custom headstock waterside decal for a project ... Thanks in advance! Kevin